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We Have an Abundance of Products

We handle over 10 million items, which provide support for a wide range of manufacturing operations.

Ueno offers products and services which provide the fastest response to the needs of its end-users. The company is able to meet the demands of all of its partners through thorough market insight. Ueno has more than 4,000 suppliers, and provides more than 10 million items, ranging from single tools and parts to large-scale manufacturing lines. We have established a structure that enables the accurate provision of the necessary items, at the necessary time, and in the necessary quantities.

Global Support

Ueno’s Global Support Provides High-Quality Services

Ueno is a specialized machinery and tools trading company which has developed a large network of branches in Japan. The company has also advanced into overseas markets through opening branches, and has built a global service network through its business territories in Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, and other nations. Further, the company is also planning to expand into other regions. Through these efforts, we have been able to establish a structure which enables service points as close as possible to our clients, and through the provision of highly-individualized services, we are able to promptly answer the needs of our customers. We have abundant experience in providing backup to Japanese companies which seek to move their production facilities overseas. In addition to helping our international partners expand their market share, we believe we can contribute to the development of regional economies and to manufacturing industries throughout Asia.

Ueno’s Overseas Support Areas

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