Welcome to the Ueno website, a General Trading Company Specializing in Industrial Robots and Machine Tools

Ueno is a general trading company which handles products including machinery, tools, and FA (factory automation) tooling. Please do not hesitate to rely on our company, which has accrued many decades of expert experience since its establishment in 1945, in providing machine tools to support manufacturing. We have developed a network of support facilities in Asian nations. Please use the inquiry form below to assist us in responding to your requests for information on our products and price estimates.

Cutting tools/Electric and air pressure tools/
Control and electric parts/Driving and electric motors/
Measuring instruments/Construction machinery/
Devices for handling materials/Pumps and pipes/
Pneumatic pressure instruments and labor-saving devices/
Work tools/Magnets and grinding materials/
Work apparatuses and FA devices/
Work equipment and office equipment/Other

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